Gift Something Minimal

Gift a Subscription

A Simple Gift Idea

If you’re looking to gift something particularly minimal, and something you think will add good value to a loved one, you can gift a subscription to our Inside Minimalism series. Anyone can benefit from living more simply. It allows us to focus on the important things in life and appreciate the small pleasures we experience.

Give a gift subscription

If you don’t gift a subscription this holiday season, you can gift it any time of year.

What is the Inside Minimalism Series?

We publish exclusive essays on a weekly basis direct to your inbox (also available online), where we write about minimalism as a tool to help you be more focused and feel more fulfilled, specialising in topics such as clutter, creativity, curation, quiet and slow living, among others.

We have a small team of writers from very different backgrounds and different locations to offer you a diverse perspective of minimalism and simple living.

From everyone at Minimalism Life, we wish you a wonderful, restful, and rejuvenating festive break.